Tourist Flu

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(the following text is a “Google-translation” of the original text in Portuguese. It is exactly as it was spilled by the translator, with absolutely no changes. If you want to take the challenge and do a proper translation, I'd be very, very happy.)

After two days almost dead because of a bad cold, probably the result of stress, fatigue and time zone, finally I go to my "day turistão." Not that the flu has passed, but I'm beginning to notice some irritation on the part of Ivan and Marie about my time here than planned. The principle should be 3 or 4 days only. But Saturday, the day after my arrival, I did almost nothing, at least in tourism. Monday and Tuesday, with the flu, not left home. Only Sunday I strolled through the city by bike, but with two of the paranoia about bicycle safety, all the visits I made were "top of the saddle."

But back to today, after 40 minutes by train, I'm in central London. One passed the "Britsh Tourist Board", essential for those who will travel around Britain, and "I want you to legs."

Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Big Ben, River Thames, Westminster, Tower of London and all other sights. Obviously, not all, that one day just is not enough. And the train pass me a long time pulp. At the end of the day, still find energy to meet the "National Gallery" and its superb collection of paintings and sculptures. Must.

But all this has a price and my cold worse.

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