The first day

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(the following text is a “Google-translation” of the original text in Portuguese. It is exactly as it was spilled by the translator, with absolutely no changes. If you want to take the challenge and do a proper translation, I'd be very, very happy.)

After my first night in Europe, get up close to 11 and still under the effect of time difference, I find Marie in a bikini, on the back porch, "taking a corzinha" under a blue skies.

Ivan invited me to go swimming with him. No right thinking, accepted. Only when we reached the pool, remember that I'm not swimming goggles and, worse, swim with the big hair ...

Little swim. Ivan has a commitment and I'll do some shopping. My first contact with English prices is traumatic. Not for the price, nominally quite similar to the Brazilian. The problem is the value of money, three times stronger.

At dinner, Ivan shows his cooking skills and prepare grilled fish and salad. Delicious. Then go to a party with the theme "Doctors and Nurses." About the party, there's not much to say. Many dressed in character - there included Ivan and Marie, booze, drugs, and techno-music casaizinhos the corners.

I can not forget my first experience in a British car. At least, interesting. Sitting in the driver's seat and not driving.

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