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(the following text is a “Google-translation” of the original text in Portuguese. It is exactly as it was spilled by the translator, with absolutely no changes. If you want to take the challenge and do a proper translation, I'd be very, very happy.)

I think it was the only plane that I realized what was happening. Obviously I had already thought of that before. Planned and anticipated events, imagined all situations, possible or preposterous. But it was there, sitting in my seat in economy class, shelved between two strangers, with my personal TV, flying over the Atlantic Ocean, that I realized the future. My future, the next few months, or years:

Strange beds in strange rooms, in different worlds. Comfort? Who knows? A luxury, very welcome but never expected. Food? Unknown. But certainly more rationed. The climate? Colder, of course. English language? Past history. From now on, very English, some Spanish and a very bad French. And an ocean between me and my ex-world ...


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