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(the following text is a “Google-translation” of the original text in Portuguese. It is exactly as it was spilled by the translator, with absolutely no changes. If you want to take the challenge and do a proper translation, I'd be very, very happy.)

One might ask what it feels like a time like this. Fear, anxiety, sorrow, freedom, tension, accomplishment, satisfaction, butterflies in my stomach, no doubt ... Nothing like that. To the disappointment of many, if not all, do not feel anything.

It's so much to worry about there is no time to think or feel anything more than necessary. It sure everything is tight on the bike, remember to keep the right side of the road, pay attention to all possible traffic signs not to do stupid, be careful with their own traffic to not engage, or cause an accident, try to do not miss the way to avoid wasting time and energy, and especially careful not to enter the "motorway".

At first, "motorways" are the only roads closed to bicycles. At all other times, provided there is no signal expressed otherwise, bicycles have free transit. My fear is that the warning appears when the motorway is already too late to avoid it. Therefore, every intersection or change of course, need extra care to avoid errors.

With all this to worry about being in a new country, doing something for the first time, not even to remember to feel anything.

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